Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

Furnishing my fairy garden

I will need miniature plants for my garden and fortunately there is no shortage of plants available on line.   Here is one example of some at amazon.  The assortment available is mind boggling.


I have several things in the house already that I am considering for the garden.   Years ago my mother in law Helen gave me a bunch of agates she had polished when Bob was a kid.   I have hung on to them without ever knowing what I would do with them.   I could see these used as a path or to make a garden wall.


Years ago my friend Kris gave me a fairy for my birthday or Christmas.   She is resin but I will allow her because of her special meaning to me.   Maybe one of the eggs will be a part of it too.   Helen made me the blue one on the left and a friend gave me the red and black decorated one.   I love the cat fairy, which Bob gave me, but I think it will be too big.


I have had these Siamese cats since I was a little girl and cats have always been a part of my life.   My parents used to have Siamese cats.  I also collected rocks as a little girl and that rock behind the cats is from that collection.


The blue rock was one we got on a trip to Denver.   Hard to tell what will work until I start putting them in the garden.   As you can begin to tell, my fairy garden is also a memory garden.


That’s all for now!