Life Part Two

The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Thank you for being in our life

Bob and I want to thank all of our friends that came to Helen’s Celebration of Life and sent us cards. You can’t possibly know how much your love helped us.We are so fortunate to have each and every one of you in our life.  Many of you knew Helen.   I thought I would share with you what Bob had to say about his mom at her Celebration of Life.  She will be missed.

Thank you for coming to what we are calling Helen’s celebration of life. For those of you who don’t know me I’m Bob Choban, Helen’s youngest son, My 2 sisters Barb and Betty are also here,(raise your hand) and our extended family (would all of  moms extended family please raise your hands)  My older brother passed away a number of years ago.

My Mom was the best, she was always their for me, no matter how much trouble I got into, and I did get into some trouble, it was never my fault, usually, I think it was just bad company, she was good wife to my dad and to Ed bowers who she was with until he died,  and I’m sure she was good friend to many of you.

Mother love to talk and tell stories about her life, to anyone who would listen, and she did have an interesting life, she was just finishing up her 3rd book about her life, at 94 she still had a lot to say.

Mother was a person who believe her glass was half full and not half empty. She looked for the best in people. She could get you to laugh with her stories, and she could comfort you if when you were sad. She was always their to support you if you needed it.

The last years of my mothers life were spent at Walker Methodist (Hazel ridge and West Wood ridge)

She truly love the people that worked and lived at these two locations.

Moving from Hazel Ridge(independent living) to West Wood Ridge(assisted living) where she need more help was hard for my mom.

She was on her own, Ed was gone, she was becoming more dependent on the staff and she didn’t want to become a burden to anyone. She was scared about making this last move.

She called me about a week after the move and told me that she was going to be OK, she felt safe again and that was important to mom. She didn’t have to ask for help because people were always asking if she needed help. Staff  were also respectful of what my mother’s needs were and never made her feel like she was asking too much of them. I will always appreciate how the staff at these two locations took care of my mother.

I would like to leave you with two things we talked alot about and that were very important mom (Family and helping others).

Mother was very proud of her family, she was proud of what her son’s and daughter’s had accomplished, she was proud of her son and daughters children, and their children, after all she was a great, great great grandmother. That’s five generations of Family.

She was always trying to help people become a better. She once told me She may not be able to change the world, but it she could just help one person change to become a better person, she would be OK with that. And I’m sure there are a few people here who’s live she changed for the better.

So when you go home tonight take a moment to remember the last time you talk to Helen, did she make you laugh, did she console you when you were feeling bad, did she tell you a story about her life, or was she there to listen.

I will miss talking to mom, a lot, but I don’t morn her death, she lived a good long life, and our family appreciate all of you attending this celebrate of my mothers life.


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Update on Helen

Bob’s mom Helen passed away peacefully last night.  There will be a celebration of Helen’s life on Sat. Nov.26 from 1:30 – 3 at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge 1 Thompson Avenue West, West Saint Paul, MN.  There will be a celebration of Helen’s life on Sat. Nov.26 from 1:30 – 3 at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge 1 Thompson Avenue West, West Saint Paul, MN.

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Bob’s Mom

I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile mainly because most of my blog followers are also Facebook friends and already have heard what I am up to but I know there are some who follow my blog who aren’t on Facebook.

I wanted to let you know that Bob’s mom Helen is very ill.  He flew up to MN this morning and his sister Betti also flew in from Fl.   We think Helen’s days are very nearly done.  She is 94 years old and has had an incredible life and one that gave so much to other people.  We talked to her as recently as Friday and she sounded like the cheerful upbeat Helen we have all known and loved.  She is suffering right now and tired.   As of today she is at United Hospital but they told us yesterday, Wednesday, that tomorrow, Friday, they would be moving her back to her apartment and bringing in hospice.

I’m glad Bob and his sisters can be together with her.  Send love our way and I will keep you posted.


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Trip to MN

In mid April we spent 8 nights in Minnesota.   We returned mainly to see Bob’s 93 year old mom and also get caught up with family and friends.   We visited with Helen over 5 days.   She had her “to do” list for Bob to take care of.   Pretty cute.  We stayed two nights right in the guest room that Walker Methodist has so very convenient   We slept in 5 different beds, visited with 28 family and friends, including a nice long lunch gathering with my Randen cousins and some of their spouses, and got introduced to our friends 9 dogs!    I definitely got my four legged furry friend fix!

When we got there no leaves on the trees and the first day was cold but then it warmed up and by the time we left you could definitely see spring was sprung!   A good trip but tiring.

One thing of note was the price of cigarettes.   $8 a pack!   Glad we don’t smoke.  Minnesota has a tax of $3 a pack and South Carolina tax of $ .57.

Bob was thrilled to go have his White Castle burger with his mom and we both enjoyed lunch at Culvers.   We do have a Culvers coming near us soon so looking forward to that.

One last thing, we took our first Uber ride from the off site (not at the airport) car rental place to the airport.   Flawless experience.

We felt like we really had quality time with everyone.


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Teaching kids of all ages about quadcopters and technology

We just returned from 8 days in MN to see Bob’s mom and other family and friends.  We got back Tuesday night and on Wednesday went o J.L. Mann New Tech to talk to two classes of high school students about quadcopters, safe flying, the rules of flying and jobs.   There were over 60 kids in the two classes.  Bob and I team taught and we had two new volunteers from STEAM Tech Teams there to learn.  We thought it went very well.

On Thursday at noon we made our third trip to Slater Marietta Elementary School to work with the computer club and science club.  We had about 25 students, probably 5th grade.   We split into three groups and the students moved to each group.   One was actually flying the small quadcopters, tethered by a string, one group was using the flight simulator and one group learning the rules of flying.   Reid also taught them what pitch, roll and yaw mean.   He is so good working with the kids.   They were very excited and had lots of questions.   The 45 minutes really flew by.

Thursday night we went to Carolina International Preparatory School.  We were at their annual science event.   We went there last year too.   This is a small private preschool to 5th grade school.  I would say we had about 50 families come.   These kids are really little but their parents could figure out what we were showing them.  Everyone is still in awe of the 3D printer.

We are still working with a couple schools to make hands and an arm and then in mid May we have the it2PI expo.

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Training on 3D printing and design

STEAM Tech Teams had a great opportunity to collaborate with several groups to do training for almost 40 teachers, other educators and visitors on 3D printing and design.   WYNIT, a 3D printer distributor provided 5 printers and two educational programs on what 3D printing is and how to use printers in various classes in schools.  Dr. Nan Dempsey from the Upstate STEM Collaborative helped us plan the content and reach out to Chris Burras. Academic Specialist for K-12 Science/Stem Greenville County Schools who provided a list of teachers for us to invite and gave input on what to present.   The whole event was hosted by the Archicture Dept. at Greenville Technical School.   Reid Becker, from our group, presented on the need for students to get skills in 3D printingnand design so they are ready for future jobs.  The training was 2 hours long and so much information was covered.

We all agreed this event was to us flawless.   It really gives you a good feeling to be a part of something like this.  We are interested to see how many schools contact us to help them or because of this training get 3D printers in their schools. About half currently had printers. We hope that this is just the first of several training programs for the teachers.

We arranged with WYNIT to leave a new printer with Greenville Tech to use for a month or so for students in the Archicture program and their technical staff could get some experience in using a 3D printer to model some of the projects they design.   Can’t wait to see how that goes.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  WYNIT bought about 50 3D printed objects for people to look at.

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