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Wine Tasting and Fall for Greenville

The leaves are just now starting to turn.   The weekend was around 75-80 with some rain but not at a time that bothered our fun plans.   On Friday we went to  a wine tasting of the wines of Sonoma CA at the Northhampton Wines Cafe in beautiful downtown Greenville.   The city was starting to get set up for Fall For Greenville starting Friday night and so many streets were closed down.   We ended up getting their about 15 minutes late but still got to enjoy the lovely lunch, good wines and and exceptional speaker/owner.  They also have a very nice wine store complete with an excellent selection of cheese.   Somehow a few things made it into our bags!

On Saturday as part of a fund raiser for Greenville Newcomers we volunteered for 3 hours to sell wrist bands.  People get the wrist band and then can get wine and beer.  I checked a lot of ID’s.  We had the 11-2 shift so it was pretty quiet.  Fall for Greenville celebrates the restaurants of downtown Greenville.  In 8 blocks they have food from 30 different places.  You have to purchase the food.   Also a Wine tasting block and an Beer Garden and places for the kids to play.  Volunteering really made us feel a part of the event.  We had a great time as well as some yummy crabcakes, ribs and pumpkin cheesecake!  There were also 3 or 4 big music stages so you had live music everywhere.   We had a great band playing right where we were selling tickets.  Lots of rock and roll and Chicago music with plenty of brass instruments.

Sams Club provided meals for all the volunteers, of which there were hundreds and hundreds over the three days.  Thank you Sam’s Club.