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The adventures of Fay and Bob as they move beyond the 9 to 5 life

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Training on 3D printing and design

STEAM Tech Teams had a great opportunity to collaborate with several groups to do training for almost 40 teachers, other educators and visitors on 3D printing and design.   WYNIT, a 3D printer distributor provided 5 printers and two educational programs on what 3D printing is and how to use printers in various classes in schools.  Dr. Nan Dempsey from the Upstate STEM Collaborative helped us plan the content and reach out to Chris Burras. Academic Specialist for K-12 Science/Stem Greenville County Schools who provided a list of teachers for us to invite and gave input on what to present.   The whole event was hosted by the Archicture Dept. at Greenville Technical School.   Reid Becker, from our group, presented on the need for students to get skills in 3D printingnand design so they are ready for future jobs.  The training was 2 hours long and so much information was covered.

We all agreed this event was to us flawless.   It really gives you a good feeling to be a part of something like this.  We are interested to see how many schools contact us to help them or because of this training get 3D printers in their schools. About half currently had printers. We hope that this is just the first of several training programs for the teachers.

We arranged with WYNIT to leave a new printer with Greenville Tech to use for a month or so for students in the Archicture program and their technical staff could get some experience in using a 3D printer to model some of the projects they design.   Can’t wait to see how that goes.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.  WYNIT bought about 50 3D printed objects for people to look at.

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A very busy fall for STEAM Tech Teams

Fay and Bob went to the iMAGINE Festival kickoff cocktail party last week.   Met old friends and made some new ones.   It was really fun.

Fay and Bob met with students at Dorman High School in Spartenburg county on Friday Afternoon ( 50 minute drive from our house).  Three very eager young men and their teacher will be meeting with Bob about flying and building quad copters. I met with a delightful young woman and her teacher. Kayla thinks she wants to be a prosthetist or something with orthopedics and wants to learn how to make a hand and teach others.   I put together work plans for both groups and the students can decide what they want to do or not do.   The school is only one year old and beautiful. This building is 10 – 12 grade and designed to be like a college campus. Our students have 1:30 – 3:30 every day to work on their projects. Bob and I were very excited to be able to work one on one with such eager and bright seniors.  Never thought we would be mentors to kids!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we give a presentation at New Tech@J.L. Mann high school to students and teachers who are looking for a community based project which there school can support. We will be going back later in the year  to meet with students. Be interesting to see where that leads.  Another Power Point presentation Fay had to prepare!

Sept. 15 we give a presentation to STEM Collaborative business partners.  We want to make them aware of our program.

The new Next High School has indicated they are anxious to meet with us but so far no date set.  Next is a pretty interesting new concept in how to educate kids.   Check it out:  All new ideas for us and we definitely are trying to learn these new styles of education.   No more stand in front of the class as the teacher gives the lecture!

Fay and Bob will attend the two day South Carolina State STEM Summit in Columbia in early Oct. and have a table to set up for our STEAM Team. We are is borrowing a printer to take too. Program sounds very interesting. “Diversity in STEM In and Out of School”  Expecting 200 – 300 STEM Educators.

Oct. 10 we will be at Roper Mt. Science Center for Star Wars 2nd Sat. Free admission event. Remember, Luke Skywalker is missing a hand!   9 – 1.   Expecting at least 1000 people.

Oct. 20 we have Tuesday OLLI Lunch and Learn presentation.

There are 2-3 middle schools we are waiting to hear back from on how they want to proceed.

Hard to believe we haven’t even been at this for a year! Pretty exciting.

This is a hoovercrft that Bob’s students might make.  They can take movies with it, print replacement parts and perhaps do first person view with it.   He is so excited. Firstperson view (FPV), also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot’s view point. Most commonly it is used to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or a radio-controlled aircraft.  Definitely safety and the rules of flying will be covered.  We don’t want these kids to be on the news because they did something dumb!


This is the new hand we learned how to make a few weeks ago.  It is called the Osprey.  Easier to put together and hopefully more durable and works better.